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Teng Ma (马腾)

I was born in Anhui, China. I received my Bachelor degree in computer science from University of Science and Technology Beijng, China in July 2016 and my PhD degree in computer science from Tsinghua University, China in June 2021. During my Phd, my research advisors are Prof. Yongwei Wu and Prof. Kang Chen, and I work closely with Dr. Mingxing Zhang and Prof. Xuehai Qian. I have spent half a year as a visiting student at Prof. Shan Lu’s group at the University of Chicago.

Currently, I have joined Alibaba as a researcher. My research interests include Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), CXL (memory pooling and sharing), Kernel scheduling, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), Out-of-core Graph Processing, and key-value store systems.

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